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Nowadays  I often see posts to pose a primitive question about conference. In this case, any type of conference like exhibition as marketing-event, sales training or for communities especially end-users. Both hosts like market research companies and each product vendors, and guests are suffering from  justification “Do we really need it?”, then hard to secure the budget. Here is Pros and Cons I think ; “Human-related as Pros” vs “inclusive Cost as Cons”

And I drop a post to Sandy Kemsley’s “Column 2”, from specific standpoint of being outside of US.
2009 03 09    Lombardi’s user conference goes online

I have to clarify that I wrote that response not just for complaining, murmuring. But I was just trying to pose a simple question, who is in value chain to support those hosts’ business, not only in short but long-term direction.

Anyway, as long as hosts doesn’t try to “change” their attitude, the issue to come over is,,,, how I can keep myself awake in mid-night and early morning. I can’t work well next day. Of course, it’s ideal if I can go to Austin where Lombardi’s Driven 2009 was originally scheduled. I miss the town  where Pervasive Software is located. I have once been there for training of Tango Web Application Server. I couldn’t stand myself up on wake-board at the lake Austin….

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You can find out another post, from the same standpoint of being in non-English culture.
Monday, 9 March 2009
Your criteria for choosing a BPM tool?


~ by kamakura : 2009/03/14.


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