How wonderful

Today 1 month has past since I relocated to new place with my families.
I got to do so for external reasons, security issue in daily life.
I learned it from FileNet, “Better Decision, Faster“.
Sunday night, made up my mind,
started relocation work Wednesday morning without any preparation.
I appreciate my families and supporters for all to make it happen successful.
How wonderful the life is!

Today 1 week has past since Internet connection came back to my personal life,
so coming to know it again how beneficial Internet is….
Though I missed Driven Online without Internet at home,
I got an update from Lombardi Software
that they uploaded contents as archived.
How wonderful you guys Lombardi team is!

I gonna post some on Driven Online, of course including their Blueprint,
here from now on….
Also, I cannot dismiss BlueWorks from my old yard Big Blue.

Since last month, once I lost weight with psychological stress,
gained weight with happiness to be back,
then lost weight more than prorated.
I’m planning to a climb small hill here at Kamakura,
with my wife and son tomorrow.
What wonderful days my life is fulfilled with!
I gonna update my weight then 😉


~ by kamakura : 2009/05/15.


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