Since last May, I stopped blogging here at Kamakura 鎌倉. But I would restart it soon again. I have not lost motivation to express myself in a way like this blogging, but just have made many excuses for myself not to restart, which aren’t anything serious like parenting, house-keeping (yes, I do.) and so on.

Now I got 2 strong reasons to restart it here. One is I want to see how people on “2.0” world see “Personal Workflow Management” solution which I’m dealing with under software business development, while another is completely different, more serious social issue “Organ-Transplant Trade” by “Human Traficking“, which we have to know and think about.

All right, up to here for today, leaving time to think of drafting to the next.


現在、再開しようと思い至った理由は二つあります。まず一つ目は、現在私がソフトウェアの新規商材として開発を推進している『Personal Workflow Management パーソナル・ワークフロー・マネジメント』ソリューションを、所謂こちら側(ほにゃらら 2.0)の世界の人々がどう考えるかを知りたかったからです。そして二つ目の理由は、非常にセンシティブな議題となりますが、『人身売買による臓器売買』という信じ難い犯罪があるという事実をより広くの人に知って頂きたかったからです。



~ by kamakura : 2010/02/20.


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