Not to be like lemming

Now I’m writing this alone at home.
Why alone? We didn’t fight 😉
My wife and boy left for Osaka, another big city at western Japan,
to escape from this eastern region.

When i got on train for office 17th Thursday morning,
opened up website in cellphone,
some article came into my eyes :
“Due to the evolving situation at the Fukushima nuclear facility ,,,, ,,,, British nationals currently in Tokyo and to the north of Tokyo should consider leaving the area.”
(Ref : BBC News, 2011/03/17 at Japan local time)

That was the SIGN, enough to make big decision above.
I came back home right away, packed up stuff,
and saw them off at Shin-Yokohama station.

We couldn’t see what’s really happening there at nuclear power plant.
Yes, once I turned on TV, so many news.
But are they correct and non-biased?

My “icon”s, Anderson Coopers and Sanjay Gupta from AC360, are in japan.
I wish they won’t see another BP in Japan.
I wish Tokyo Electric Power won’t be like BP in Gulf.

And imagine,
once most people will know if it might be worse than expected
and those news aren’t worth to listen,
they gonna be mass stream to move, and we can’t get out of it.
So as I learned it from FileNet, we made “Better Decision Faster”.

We are living at Kamakura, about 266.81km away from there.
(based on (Japanese only))
How can authorities like government and Tokyo Electronic Power say so?
This is nothing like panic-minded.


~ by kamakura : 2011/03/19.


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