Happy Birthday NakNak,
Happy Birthday NakNak,
Happy Birthday Mahal na Mahal na Anak ko,
Happy Birthday NakNak

I love you anak ko so much.

The princess Britney gonna celebrate for your birthday with us!!

Mommy cooked spaghetti and served it with chicken joy, right?
Your classmates will remember you by that taste 😉
So hope they were satisfied well. hehehe,,,

And the most important, you got a 40kg piggy for lechon!
How was that? Ang sarap no?
Surprised at such fashion and the big one itself?
…. Let’s appreciate for food,,,, also place, health, peace and all.

Let’s pray for us, days will surely come,
when we can just walk together outside
without concern about radiation from Fukushima Daiichi NPP.
Your daddy and all good friends are now trying to
change it and Japan itself after 311,
because it’s your country and your future!!!!
For you and all your friends here in Japan!!!!

I really really love u anak ko, and,,,, I really miss u so much.
With all my love.
Your Dad


~ by kamakura : 2011/08/10.



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