An ungrateful son

Like our usual protocol to communicate, I had kind of argument with my mother last night. If I say something, she would argue back to me, “I know! I understand it all”. I would doubt if she really understand what’s really going on here, because she always repeats “When is my grandson Masaya coming back to my place?” “Is he fine without any sickness? Does he go to kindergarten every day?” I can’t tell the truth that he got hospitalized a night for some medical problem, and get sickness sometimes since then.

Yes, I’m a father of Masaya, 3 years old boy. Being afraid of realistic risk, exposure to radioactive substances from Fukushima Daiichi NPP (Nuclear Power Plant), we made this critical decision for my wife and him to evacuate from Kanagawa-pref which is right next to Tokyo to my wife’s home Philippines. These days I’m trying to let mother acknowledge how seriously the situation get worsened, by saying “I’m quite not sure when he can come back here.”. Then she just loses words to say more. We always go back and forth. Either face to face or through phone call, always the same.

To big surprise, I came to know that she has studied it so well, the undeniable reality that most citizens pretends that the danger is not out there in front. Though this might not be special habit in those age of 60’s, she cut newspapers and put it on refrigerator wall, the article of radiation –related.

When I showed the article downloaded from internet, which covers more fact than mass media who just release information from government side do, “Is it safe to eat Japanese rice every day, with standard 500Bq/kg?”, she picked pointing finger hard and shout “I know such! I DO NOT trust anything like these standard, and government!!” All those means that she knows Japanese capital Tokyo and surrounding areas is too dangerous to live a life without doubt. She looks like knowing that it’s completely wrong rumor that we can ease down radiation impact by mixing it with uncontaminated material, also something about hot particle. She got learned very well in short term, really to my surprise.

Then, it’s my turn. What can I do? Of course, it’s out of questions at all to have Masaya back here where many risk are around in daily life. Iodine (I-131) is detected high in Japanese capital Tokyo 2 times just last month! Week by week, new report that soil is contaminated so badly with Cesium (Cs-134,137) are released on internet, conducted by individuals who concern about safety like us! It’s nowhere else but Tokyo and surrounding areas! Regardless of how closely we watch out food material to avoid exposure inside body, sometimes we have to play the game Russian Roulette.

Mom, I really want to get Masaya back to you. Because I’m not grateful, to let you feel happy with him, xerox-copy of myself. Just wondering, but quite not sure when it could be. unpredictable ending. This isn’t my life, I want to my life back!!

Masayuki Otani

※ こちらは前回の投稿『親不孝』に多少加筆、英訳したものです。


~ by kamakura : 2011/09/14.


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